partners in crimes
Days 9/10/14


Still not here for an EJami reunion. Sami deserves better. Hi, Kate. “Please tell me I’m not interrupting anything.” Well…maybe. Ugh. Come on, Kate…you need to stop their reconciliation immediately. We cannot trust EJ. Seriously, EJ? Kate may be in love with Rafe, but she knows that he isn’t…

Sami always dumb down to put with ej it.I hate when the show trying to sell everything bad ej done somehow Sami fault it her fault her raped her it her fault he kidnapped Sydney and fake her death it her fault he hired fake rafe and her fault he cheated on her.the show always mention anything bad Sami did to ej while barely mentioned the stuff he did her.last year during so called bliss year of ej and Sami They had ej going after Stefano even Stefano had evidence against will and Sami was just arrest for Brendi murder and ej gone behind Sami back for lot stuff during her trial.he also went behind her back with allie thing to tried lucas to back off for not wanting allie living with Stefano because lucas dared worried about allie safety and ej also kept any evidence he had against will and Sami Lucas is not allowed near Sami right now even lucas will not be romantic option to Sami because it make more unreasonable for Sami consider to forgive ej when she talked with lucas than never cheat on any woman he was with while he know how it feel being cheated on and always thought Sami deserve better than ej This one of reasons the show trying minimize any connection with lucas and sami

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OTP PlaylistSami Brady & Lucas Horton, Days of Our Lives

"Cause’ its you that I’m runnin to baby its you that I’m feelin for lately and its like a pain that never goes away and it always starts today, cause you are home to me…" Josh Kelley “Home to Me”

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Classic SOD Cover Date: April 27, 2004
Bryan Dattilo & Alison Sweeney (Lucas & Sami, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)(inset) Deidre Hall (Marlena, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)


Classic SOD Cover Date: April 27, 2004

Bryan Dattilo & Alison Sweeney (Lucas & Sami, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(inset) Deidre Hall (Marlena, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)

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Days 8/7/14


Um…Ben? Stop beating the crap out of Rafe. He’s a POLICE DETECTIVE. Do you really want to be arrested for assault? Well, I no longer like Ben. “He’s (Rafe) an animal!” Uhhh…Rafe wasn’t the one who went crazy and started beating up another man. If anyone’s an animal, it’s Ben. That dude has a crazy…

you will not like the spoilers for Sami next week I can not believe they wasting Sami last 3 months on this crap

Lucas and Sami mvid distance
foucs on years 2013-2014

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Days 8/6/14


Oh, Sami, girl. Rafe isn’t there to take you in his arms and kiss you. He doesn’t want you back…please don’t make an ass out of yourself. Last night my bestie and I were chatting about what Sami said yesterday about she being the love of Rafe’s life. We both decided that maybe she’s right. Maybe…

Lucas was not on for third week in row.I tried to give it logic that Lucas might have not judge Abby feel but she deserve Sami wrath at least for now and Kate promised it will not leak to allie.with ej being one of love of life I disagree with all bad stuff ej done to Sami the lies the rape the stalking the Sydney kidnap and fake her death and fake rafe and etc I think it because Sami self destruct nature that part of her deep down think does not deserve to her attraction to someone that will only give her pain but do not see it love but Sami did let herself believe it love


So i live in England but i watch a bit of Days if Our Lives just cos it seems better than British soap but i have a rant:
WHY ISNT WILL STICKING UP FOR HIS FREAKING MOTHER? Sammy has EVERY right to be pissed to want revenge (i would if i was ever cheated on) but everyone seems worried about…

Sami is nos longer Horton for almost 7 years now since she was force to divorce lucas because ej and his family With Will unfortunately this not the first time will sticking for someone else over his parents
Days 7/30/14


Oh, Brady. Is Kristen going to say anything or just hang up? Daniel, every time you yell, that guy is going to punch you in the stomach so maybe you stop making noise. How is taunting your captor the best course of action, Daniel? HAHA! Brady texted Daniel to see if he’s okay! Kristen can answer a…

I think Kayla think Sami have no sympathy to her when Sami trying to use her to get back at Abby because ej(ej the person that hurt both Steve and Stephanie which Sami knows it and Kayla know well all about ej and Sami Ville relationship )cheat on her with Abby she should not have sympathy either to Sami Ej character traits saying he sorry when he does not mean it at all